Monday, 4 October 2010

Look what I found!

With the move from Yorkshire to Wiltshire last year I had completely forgotten about these patterns and found them in the loft yesterday evening whilst organising the stash (yes, it's in the loft, we have no storage space in our house!).

Mum gave me them about 18 months ago.  One of her friends wife passed away in the late 80's and the family were still sorting through her belongings and he very kindly told Mum she could take whatever she liked from the sewing room.  Naturally Mum didn't want to raid the place so she took some patterns that she thought I might like and guessed the sizing (spot on Mum!) along with some lovely old thread and a small quantity of brocade.  I understand there was a huge stash of beautiful wool, tweed and silk and a tonne more patterns. It made me sad to think what the family may have done with it all, but am really pleased with the things Mum picked for me.
It makes me wonder what will happen to all my patterns, notations and stash when I go - hopefully I'll have worked through most of it by then!

On a lighter note, here are a couple of pictures of the waspie.  These photo's don't do the fabric nor colour any favours, but you get the general gist....

I just need to finish the ruffle centre with a row of sequins to match the top trim - but I haven't got those to hand so will have to purchase later this week.  I've fallen back in love with my ruffler - it was well behaved yesterday!

Not sure what the next project will be - I really should make another corset as I haven't done one for a while - what do you think?

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petalrose said...

I am unbelievably impressed that you can sew your own jealous! I might give it a shot one day, keep up the great work, love your blog.