Friday, 15 October 2010

Knitting and stuff....

So here's the update on my knitting...  all the holes are in the right place!!!  It's such an easy pattern I can sit in front of the tv; only  one row of "pattern" to worry about, and if you can count to 3 and 6 you've cracked it!
I did have 4 balls of wool, but a certain dog in my life stole one from my bag and chewed it beyond rescue - before I'd even started any knitting. Should have been a lesson learned, but no.  Jackyboy loves to dig in this particular bag so the same thing happened the very next day - sigh £8 down and only half a scarf to show for it.  A shopping trip coming up tomorrow....  The wool is 4ply 100% wool and can only be described as neopolitan icecream - ie strawberry, vanilla and chocolate!  What was I thinking?  We'll see what it looks like when I've finished.

I did the windows at Cloth of Gold this morning.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera set up very well so only one of the two pictures is worth showing you today

What do you think?  I didn't want to make it overly fussy.... here's hoping the shop look after all my hard work.  That blue corset has been quilted, corded, hand sewn flowers and beads which took me 
H O U R S!!

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Karin said...

How nice to find your blog! You seem to be doing some off-beat but very pretty things. I hope you are happy to have me add you to my blog-roll. I look forward to seeing what you are up to next :)