Friday, 22 October 2010

Pattern Storage, thread rant and confession....

How neat and tidy do these look?!  I've filed them by pattern company.  Vogue are in numerical order but I gave up on the others because, well frankly I got bored.  I like to look at my patterns when deciding on a new project and I was surprised that there were  no surprise finds, I knew exactly what I had (is that bad, or sad?)

Anyhoo, I need to let off some steam.  Whilst making this
I had some major thread issues.  Now I'm strictly a Gutermann girl, but when I bought this fleece the shop didn't sell my preferred brand so I went with Coats Duet - never, never again.  I was reluctant to purchase it in the first place but you know how it is, fabric, thread, pattern = Go sew.  Here's what happened to it:

Poor quality thread

And even worse, look at it in my machine.  This happened about every 30cms of stitching. 
look at all that carry on at the top!

Now I know I can sometimes be a bit "hasty" when sewing for myself but I had a new needle, altered the tension  (mainly zigzagged), eased off on the foot pressure and speed, but no, that damn thread's just rubbish.
I've had better quality thread from Leeds Market at 40p a reel.

What's your favourite thread to work with?

Confession time:  I just don't like making everyday clothes.  I love to work with silk, chiffon, satin, taffeta, organza etc. etc.  Only problem is, I'm not a big one for going out and I think I'd look a bit odd doing the Asda shop in a corset and full blown bustled skirt!

Picture of fleece jacket to follow, Vivienne is still busy showing off in the shop window.

Have a lovely weekend all.

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