Friday, 21 October 2011

Feeling better, and feeling inspired

I'm feeling so much better this week and having spent some time looking around blogland, and looking at the new Autumn / Winter patterns, I came across this dress from McCalls

McCalls 6395

Although my first love isn't knit fabric, I do enjoy working with double knit which this pattern will be perfect for.

So I've hunted down some double knit in Chocolate Brown, Navy, Red and Cerise.  I'm thinking of making the Muse Dress again in red with cerise inserts (colour blocking?!) and would like to make view B above in Navy with red zips and trim, although I will need to lengthen it - 40+ knees and all that!

I'm will work on the coat this weekend as its turned very chilly and had me reaching for the de-icer and scraper yesterday morning!

Have a lovely weekend all

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

So that's why I haven't been in the mood!

Ok, cards on the table. I really haven't wanted to do any sewing for around two months and Sunday was a challenge 'forcing' myself to cut out the coat pattern. And now I know why - I have shingles. What a horrible thing it is, besides not wanting to do much of anything, my heads been pounding (I thought that was down to the odd weather),my sense of taste is poor, and don't get me going on the hot,sore, itchy skin!
Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly. In the meantime I look forward to reading all your posts for inspiration and general cheering up!
Keep blogging!!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

No sewing, just cutting

Very, very occasionally I drop a clanger when fabric shopping, and I did it when I purchased the lining for my coat. I thought it was 150 wide and its 112, so there's no way I can squeeze out the pieces I need and I was so looking forward to working on it. Oh well, the main pieces are cut and marked and I've made a pattern piece for the fusible interfacing.

So this afternoon I have been looking at some of the new Vogue patterns and it struck ms that some of their photographs are a bit "dodgy". Anyone else noticed these?

I don't even need to comment!

Well dodgy right bodice.  Although I havejust purchased this pattern (blush)

Is this the front or back of the model?
How thin?!?!
Roll on Friday.  I'll have to go over to Newbury to buy more lining (no I will NOT make any further purchases) and can then crack on in the afternoon - all weekend to myself, bliss

Enjoy the rest of your day

Friday, 7 October 2011

Autumn Sewing

I've borrowed Ian's notebook so I can post again, yay!

I've been busy making work clothes over the last few weeks and will post some photographs later.  I used a KwikSew pattern for the first time and am astounded at the great fit, which means I will be adding more of their patterns to my collection over the next couple of seasons for sure!

Anyway, this is my next project.  Because I'm pushed for time now I am working full time, it had to be quick, simple, but do the job:

An Autumn coat/jacket to wear walking to and from the car park:

Vogue 8562

I will probably make the longer version, depending on the length of fabric I bought (yes, sorry, not coming from the stash!) and will be using a brown based tweed which I suspect may need some supersoft interfacing added to it to help keep its shape.  Here it is, not a great photo, I lifted it from the Fabricland website.

If  you like this pattern you should note that it's about to go out of print, according the the Sew Today website.

Wish me luck, I'll be starting it on Sunday, with a view to finishing it same day!

Have a good weekend all