Tuesday, 11 October 2011

No sewing, just cutting

Very, very occasionally I drop a clanger when fabric shopping, and I did it when I purchased the lining for my coat. I thought it was 150 wide and its 112, so there's no way I can squeeze out the pieces I need and I was so looking forward to working on it. Oh well, the main pieces are cut and marked and I've made a pattern piece for the fusible interfacing.

So this afternoon I have been looking at some of the new Vogue patterns and it struck ms that some of their photographs are a bit "dodgy". Anyone else noticed these?

I don't even need to comment!

Well dodgy right bodice.  Although I havejust purchased this pattern (blush)

Is this the front or back of the model?
How thin?!?!
Roll on Friday.  I'll have to go over to Newbury to buy more lining (no I will NOT make any further purchases) and can then crack on in the afternoon - all weekend to myself, bliss

Enjoy the rest of your day


Karin said...

It's so annoying not to have enough fabric when you are under way with a full head of steam! Never mind, at least you can buy more.
I noticed some of the same stuff too on the Vogues. Nice to know I am not alone!

Debi said...

I totally notice that on patterns as well (vogue, burda and others)...makes me think...if they can't get it to lay right is it a problem with the pattern?