Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Is anyone else using an iPad?

I'm not liking my iPad. It's impossible to do the most simplest of tasks, hence no posts.
I have been sewing and want to share my projects with you, but there doesn't appear to be any way to add photos to my posts. And we all know a too many posts with no pictures makes for a dull blog!
If anyone out there knows how to add photos I would love to hear from you, otherwise the old laptop will be dug out and the iPad will go in the loft!!
A frustrated blogger......

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hello strangers!

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a nice summer(if it was summer at your end of the world?)

Last week I received an iPad for my birthday - it was a shock. Ian and I are not big on presents as we have a lot of things that make us happy so typically a present from Ian is a few pounds and a trip to my favorite fabric shop.

I downloaded an app called fabricstashxl which I have yet to try but other than that I'm a bit lost. Can you re recommend any good ones, sewing related or not?!

Well the wedding dress is finished and will be delivered tomorrow evening and i am really looking forward to getting back to sorting through all the bits and pieces that I need to pass on. I have already posted some patterns out to other bloggers I know will make better used of them then I ever will and have a LOT of things to give away over the coming weeks

I'm. Also looking forward to sewing for myself again and have a few ideas tucked up my sleeve, mainly an Autumn jacket (as I have a 10 min walk from the car park to the office) and some shirts, a black pencil skirt and another dress. I finished the New Look dress so will have to post some photos later in the week.

I have one sewing related picture in my iPad so will post that to close. It's a corset I made last year for oNe of my lovely customers, Lori

Oh dear - how do you upload pictures from the iPad?!? I'm not convinced this gadget is for me....

I'll be back to regular posting again over the next few days - see you soon!!