Tuesday, 11 September 2012

September- a month of finishing and planning

Hello! Hope you all had a lovely summer? I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs, in between jumping up and down at the tv (Olympics), bbqing between the rain, painting, buying a bathroom and knitting. You know, just normal life. I needed a blogging break, I was getting "stressed" because I didn't post every day, didn't have great photos, and didn't have anything of any interest to say about anything other than sewing.  So I turned a corner - isn't blogging supposed to be "fun"?  I'll blog a minimum of once a month, not stress about how many hits, followers or page views I've had.  For me it has to be about good quality sewing, not chasing numbers.

I have decided that September should be the month to finish up a few projects:

1) casual shirt in a beautiful Liberty print lawn,
McCalls 6401 view D
Liberty Lawn from Sewbox (UK)
2)  2 cardigans (4 sleeves to complete!)

3)  a linen dress in a lovely plum colour with bias strips

Butterick 4443 view C (just love this pattern!)

There are a few projects I would like to tackle over the coming months, the first being a shirt for Ian and the second being a winter coat.

Vogue 1083
There was lots of discussion this summer around how many items of clothing a woman buys in a 12 month period so thought I should keep a track of what I make and end each month with a brief summary. Some months I'm on fire, others I'm just not!  I will commence from 1st October as we head truly into Autumn. Oh, and I hope to overcome my IT phobia and get to grips with my camera - I may even consider buying a new one....