Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Is anyone else using an iPad?

I'm not liking my iPad. It's impossible to do the most simplest of tasks, hence no posts.
I have been sewing and want to share my projects with you, but there doesn't appear to be any way to add photos to my posts. And we all know a too many posts with no pictures makes for a dull blog!
If anyone out there knows how to add photos I would love to hear from you, otherwise the old laptop will be dug out and the iPad will go in the loft!!
A frustrated blogger......


Anonymous said...

I read the blogs in bed with my iPad, it is very useful for this. I haven't tried blogging with it, but I suspect that I will have to use the computer to put a bunch of pix somewhere in the cloud or to be able to sync a photo library of some kind. I have been a big fan of google docs.

Karin said...

I also can't attach pics from an iPad. For me it is strictly for reading blogs, not blogging myself. If you find any answers I'd be interested to know as well!