Thursday, 13 January 2011

Butterick 5522 - Done!

I'm on fire!!  I have made time to sew just for myself and here is my 4th sewn item this year:

It's a knit!!!  As you know I don't typically sew knit for clients, or myself so this is somewhat of a triumph.  The fabric came from Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics.  She was everso helpful and once I told her what colours I wanted and which pattern I would be using, she did the rest!
I cut a 12, decided to do a FBA, then changed my mind and stuck it all back together again (don't ask?!)  My bust measures 35" which is the finished bust width of the dress, so I just added 5/8" to the side seam allowances and that did the trick. The dress itself is extremely easy to put together, but those sleeves took some concentration I can tell you!

A lot of pins and a lot of snipping

worth the effort though

I didn't alter the length of the sleeves or the dress.  The sleeves because I didn't want them to be 3/4 length and I have short arms anyway.  The dress length turned out perfect for me, just below the kneecap, as have short legs I'm not very tall.

I'm going out for dinner on Saturday with a few friends so will wear this - it's navy and I have a lovely pair of navy platforms begging to be worn!

I'm training the dog to use my camera, it might be a quicker process than waiting for Ian to take pictures...

Not sure what my next project will be - I supose I should start on my purple coat but something's making me hold back on that one?

I made this dress whilst watching/listening to Les Miserables 25th anniversary concert filmed at the O2 in London


Irene said...

Wow! Beautiful! Those sleeves really are a work of art. They just make the dress. Hope you have a lovely time in it. (Let me know when you figure out the trick to teaching the dog to play photographer.)

Gorgeous Things said...

OMG, that turned out so beautifully! It makes me want to make one for myself.