Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Shopping from the stash

I am in trouble, big trouble.... There is a small crack in the bedroom ceiling, I think it's nothing but Ian's blaming the weight of the fabric stored in the loft.... Needless to say he isn't happy!  So when I took Mum home today, following her stay over the Easter break, I resisted a detour to the fabric shop in Sturminster Newton, and came straight home.  That crack must be nagging away at me!

So, I went shopping in the loft instead this afternoon.  Once I got over the thought of getting up there (am I the only one who gets the colly wobbles going into lofts?) I found a lovely blue silk and wool soft tweed, with a suitable lining and enough needle cord to make a trench coat for spring. Here's a strange thing.  There wasn't one piece of fabric that I had forgotten about, or that took me by surprise - and believe me, there is an awful lot of it!

Here's a picture of a few pieces I allowed myself to bring down, some of which is being pre-shrunk as we speak.

I will be watching The Sewing Bee on BBC2 this evening. I would have loved to enter, but didn't know about it, did you?

More later!


Irene said...

So exactly how much fabric do you have stashed to be causing failing ceilings? May-be you just need a new place to stash that would be easier to reach?

Karin said...

I don't love going into the loft either! Nice to have gorgeous treasures tucked away waiting to be rediscovered. And nice to hear from you again!

juli said...

Well, you'll enter the Bee next time. It's always good to learn from previous seasons. Oh, a horrible thought just crossed my mind - what if there's no next season?

Congrats on your stash. I love having a personal stash to shop from when inspiration strikes.

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How much fabric do you have stashed away that you are worrying that it might have caused the crack in the roof? I think that you should enter the sewing competition. You have nothing to lose and you never know you might surprise yourself.

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Rosa@TEFLCOURSES said...

I think you should deal with the old fabrics before shopping more ones. I expect when the ceiling might break again.

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