Sunday, 7 April 2013

A question of fit

I have had a lightbulb moment this morning....  
There is no such thing as the perfect pattern!  I have been sewing for many years and greatly appreciate the fact that I can still learn something new from books, DVDs, other sewers, and of corse all the great blogs in the land of tech.  Whilst munching on my thickly jam laden toast this morning, I was catching up on some blog reading and came across Sunni Standing at a Fashionable Stitch.  And there it was, exactly what I have been thinking - is there such a thing as perfect fit?

I will be the first to admit I am a slave to perfection when it comes to sewing and then it dawned in me, the reason I haven't been sewing anywhere near as much as I used to, is because I'm overly fussy about the fit. Yes, my 45 year old figure has changed since I was in my early twenties, yes I have to make a lot more alterations these days but hey - just get on with it woman! Are my colleagues really going to notice my waistband is half an inch too big, the hem is half an inch too long, or that I have a mild gaping at the armhole of my dress?  I doubt it.

Please read Sunni's post, if you are anything like me it will put you back on track.  THANK YOU SUNNI!

PS I will still be attending my Jacket fitting class this month, I've paid for it!

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