Friday, 1 October 2010

Nearly the end of the sewcation ....

Where has the time gone?!?!  Well, I haven't done too badly  - what do you think?
1  Red Needlecord A-line skirt
2 Wincyette PJs
3 85% complete pink satin dress - I've had to put it down, I was getting a bit sick of it and need to have a smaller or quick project on the go at the same time.
4 Pink waspie - will be finished by end of Sunday
5 Lavender bags
6 Chanel Jacket well under way

Does anyone else have more than one project on the go at once?  With bigger projects I need small and quick makes or, as in the case of the Chanel Jacket, I forgot just how much fabric they take and didn't have enough lining - about 60cms short - aarrggghhh......

I cannot wait to get theses on!  I contemplated putting them on at 6pm, but didn't think it would be appreciated by the other household member (ahem......)

I'm not sure you can see all the piping on these photos....  The PJ's were a doddle to make and I enjoyed the process. 

Chanel Jacket underway
Boy does this fray!!!

Quilting; walking foot required for this process.

The pink waspie has eyelet closure at the back and a small busk at the front (how cute is that?!) and is made "properly" with coutil and spiral boning.  It's part of the "pink" window display for later in October.

Well, two days left.......

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