Sunday, 24 October 2010

Fleece Jacket Done (and domestic goddess)

Sorry about the rubbish photo, but I'm acutely aware there are no photographs of me actually wearing anything I've made!  Here's the Fleece jacket, it's warm, snugly and a pretty colour too. 
I decided not to use the loop/button closure and go for a belt instead but having worn it I definitely need a couple of hooks and eyes at the top.  It was dead simple to make and fleece is easy to work with.  I cut a 10 front and 12 back - don't know what I was thinking as I should have cut a 10 back and 12 front, but I can get away with the "extra" at the back because of the styling with the belt.  I didn't need to follow the instructions however I always have a quick read through just in case.  A walking foot was essential for this project and I won't use Coats thread again! (You can see another set of PJ's in this photo)

I've also been thinking about Christmas party dresses (I need want 2 this year) - more later; brain spinning with ideas.  I don't know about you, but I tend to see a fabric and an idea grows from that.  Plus I've been busy on ebay and etsy looking for vintage patterns again, will let you know how I get on with some of my bids.

Domestic Goddess:  Pin Queen makes bread!  Well, okay someone gave me a bread machine and I bought a ready-mix pack, chucked in some water, pressed a few buttons and 1hour 55mins later this was the result:
It's sun dried tomato and I've just had a slice toasted, buttered and a hot cup of tea - delicious!

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