Thursday, 21 October 2010

Pattern Storage & Burda Style

Warning - this post contains the "C" word - twice....

I was up bright and early (5.30am) yesterday to start work - yes, Pin Queen has to work to feed her sewing habit. I work at our local Next 3 mornings a week and yesterday was an early start as we were putting out the Christmas decorations.  Pretty snowflakes, christmas presents and  H U G E  lit up "C"s dotted all around the shop.  Anyhoo, the christmas presents will make fantastic pattern storage boxes - they're really sturdy and come in varying sizes.  I was fortunate enough to take home two of the medium sized boxes that were spare (we had to do a bit of re-jigging to get everything to fit the shop displays) and they are perfect!  I think I will drill a couple of holes in the front and add a handle to make them a little easier to pull from the shelf - What do you think? 

Look how deep those red lids are - I think I'll use them as storage rather than lids.

Needless to say I'll put my name down for a few more when the decorations are ready to come down...... If you work in Next, or know anyone who does, they may be able to have a few at the end of the festive season too.

I used to get Burda years, and years ago (I mean late 80's early 90's) and have recently started to buy it again - goodness how it has changed.  I know many of you have already commented, but I didn't pay any attention until this morning as I traced off a simple top - what the ?)&*!? They are obviously cutting down costs by removing the extra sheet of pattern paper but they have made it very difficult for us indeed.  There's no way I'll be tackling any of the larger coat patterns in the future!


I'm not feeling the love for Burda right now...

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Karin said...

You are not alone. We have all been having a little moan about Burda lately.