Friday, 29 October 2010

Party Time!

As mentioned earlier I want need 2 party dresses this year so decided on one dress and one skirt/top combo.

I'm going to make a strapless top with corset insert using the top left pattern and a circle skirt using the vintage vogue pattern, although you don't really need a pattern to make a circle skirt.  I've decided on black (yawn) for this outfit.  Black satin top, trimmed with grosgrain ribbon and buckle/bling embelished and satin skirt using this:
- it is black, honestly!  A full petticoat with black dress net and tulle will give it a little oomph I think.

I'm liking the Simplicity dress with overlay and have teal in mind, but not sure what/how as I haven't seen any yet. I'm having a shopping trip tomorrow so will see what's available.

I've made a start on the corset section of the top and will post some pictures and techniques as I go.  In the meantime here's a list of the fabric and tools you will need to make the strapless top.

1  Your favorite strapless top pattern adjusted to fit
2  Outer fabric, lining, soft sew-in interfacing, coutil - please use coutil it really is the best fabric for corsets
3  All purpose thread, open-ended zip (typically 30cm)
3  4mm eyelets
4  5/7mm plastic boning (not that horrible rigeline please!)  sometimes called whalebone, although it is of course plastic these days!
5  4# 7mm flat flexi steels approx 15cm each, but make up your pattern first and measure the length you need
6  2.5cm wide organza ribbon - approx 3m
7  Bias binder maker, eyelet plyers if you have them
8  Tracing paper, ruler, coloured pencils, cellotape 
9  Usual sewing paraphernalia!
10 - oh, piping cord if you want to finish the top and/or bottom edges plus extra fabric for the covering

Betty Update:
Betty Bernina arrived safe and well, but she was very naughty today and tripped the electics to the whole house - twice.  She's going for a health check tomorrow before any serious damage is done!

That's all for now, I'll post on the technique over the weekend - have a good one!

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Karin said...

Oh this sounds neat. I'll be following along trying to learn something!