Monday, 8 November 2010

No sewing, just painting....

Well dear readers, there's been no sewing for over a week and I'm getting withdrawal symptoms - however it is all self-inflicted.
I don't know about you but my stash, equipment and notations are taking over the house.  Now that was sort of okay as a single girl living on her own but now I have to think about Ian  and as we only have two bedrooms I need to get uber organised.  I've been following this blog with interest as it highlights lots of  varied sewing spaces and had a nosey via this link  As the room will have a duel purpose we went to Ikea on Sunday to look at shelving/storage etc etc.  Ian had had enough after 40 mins and I can't say it's my favorite place in the world but I did a bit of homework before hand so knew roughly what I wanted and Ian acted as my muscles for the afternoon.  I bought shelving from the expedit range in birch and a desk which has a pullout section which will be great to house the overlocker.  I really wanted white, but everything looked a bit "yellow" and worried this may happen at home after a few months so that's why I went with the birch colour.
And here's an idea of the shelving units

I'll be putting casters on this one so I can wheel it out of the way when guest come
I've painted 2 walls white and the two end walls a very, very soft pink.  One pink wall will be the sewing area and the other will be the sleeping area (sadly I couldn't have the whole room and just hand my guests a sleeping bag and tell them to watch out for pins on the floor!)
Anyway, pictures to follow when done.  In the meantime I haven't forgotten about the strapless top with built-in corset.  I'll be working on it next week and will post the instructions as I go.
Oh, and Betty's back home all shiny and working, not that I've had much of an opportunity to use her much as yet.
Have a good week all, enjoy your sewing and think of me as I paint and build up flat packs!

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