Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sewing Room and Ode to Betty - with apologies to any poets who may be reading...

Betty, Betty thank goodness you are not made of spaghetti
I love you though up down needle - no.
Your colour may be cream but you run like a dream
So c'mon Betty lets sew!

the very lovely Betty

Betty and I have been working on a Christmas gift for my sister, and all is going very well.  We have also made some curtains for the sewing room which Ian has promised to put up (that will be Xmas Eve about 1 min before our guest arrives - sorry darling!)

The sewing room is 90% done, just need to settle into it and buy a couple of bits and bobs.  He're how it looks so far:

I also use the pull-out table as a pressing station for small pieces

And this is addl storage.  I just need a trip to Ikea to buy a couple of drawers and boxes to fit the unit.  This will also act as a bed-side table  - once the bed gets here.  I'm not showing you the other side of the room, it's a tip it's not finished yet.

I promise to show you some sewing soon and will crack on with the Christmas Party Dress!  I have a lingerie class starting on Monday evening for 4 weeks so need to do some prep for that this afternoon.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Irene said...

Thank-you for popping in at my blog! Looks like your sewing room will be a great place to hide away in.

Rose said...

It's really funny, I've been looking through a few sewing blogs lately and we all have the same ikea mini ironing board!

Pin Queen said...

I noticed that too Rose! Ikea must be making a fortune from sewers all over the world - I have also noticed we have the same shelving units, and storage boxes too!