Thursday, 25 November 2010

Why sew when RTW is so cheap to buy?

This is why:
Cord Jacket in New Look Sale - £12 (Original price £25).  Yes, that's right, not a typo, £12 (around US$18)  So I just had to have a try on because I've had a cord jacket on my "To Do" list for a full year.  As soon as I got the first arm on I knew - cheap, cheap, nasty, nasty.  I didn't go any further.  The cord itself was nice and soft, the lining was a bit on the stiff side; but guess what?  There was NO interfacing in that jacket, or if there was it had been made from air because it sure wasn't doing anything.  The collar was limp, the revers were round on one side and squound (not square, not round) on the other and the button was falling off.
And that's why we sew - fit and quality (not to mention satisfaction!)
So, it's back on the To Do list for 2011  think I need to revisit my original plan and set a more realistic one for next year and I should add it to my blog.  What's the saying?  "What gets written gets done" - or something along those lines.

I'm busy sewing for customers at the moment and don't like to photograph/blog about the garments until the customer takes ownership so apologies there's not much personal sewing to blog about at the moment.

That's all for now.  Have a good evening!


Irene said...

It's so unfortunate that consumers are willing to pay for junk. People used to look for the best quality that they could afford. Now everyone is just looking for the cheapest, so that they can have more. What's even sadder, is that people seem to think that owning certain labels, or shopping in certain stores means that they are getting better quality. Not so. Quality of clothing, in general, has gone down hill. Guess we can't reeducate the whole world - we're lucky that we can sew our own.

Karin said...

Fast fashion! Truly disposable stuff. Trying to sew things for myself makes me appreciate the clothes I have and how much effort goes into making something properly. I look forward to seeing your version of a cord coat!