Sunday, 21 November 2010

Is it too early for whiskey?

Hello all.  I've been busy sewing away over the last week, but sadly I can't show you too much just yet as it's all for Christmas presents.  Plus I have a couple of orders for corsets and sewing classes in between - it's good to be busy!
I haven't forgotten about the promised tutorial on the corseted strapless top - as it's for me it's bottom of the list at the moment and likely to start round about 10th December.  Thanks to all those of you who have been asking!
In the meantime I've been hit with a horrible head cold which has knocked me for six this morning - is it too early to have a drop of whiskey in my coffee do you think? Anyhoo, it's a good excuse to sit in front of the TV, catch up on some blogs etc  for an hour or so.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend - sewing posts next week I promise!

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Irene said...

Medicine is appropriate at any time. In 19th century novels they're always having a "drop" in their tea for medicinal purposes, right?