Monday, 27 September 2010

Red Skirt - Done. Vogue Dress still underway....

I'm having a lovely holiday!  So far I have finished my red needlecord skirt; here's the pattern I used, late 1960's used umpteen times.  But everytime I use it I over allow on seam allowances so had to take the sides in another inch this morning.... I'll get Ian to take a photo of me wearing it when he's back (Germany again!)

I decided to re-do the Vogue dress bands today - I just didn't like them.  The issue really was the fabric so I re cut the pieces - top sections in satin, bottom sections in white 100% cotton.  They are fiddly to do rather than difficult and having 100% polyester satin didn't make the pressing very crisp.  Also, I didn't like the way the instructions would have you put them together so I used the same technique as you would for the shoulders of a lined, sleeveless shift dress and that was much better:

I managed to squeeze in some sewcation shopping early this morning and bought the wincyette and cotton for the PJs.  Whilst I was there I also got some jersey to make another pair - plain lilac marl for the top and lilac stripe for the bottoms, plus some fleece to make a cardi (I don't want another dressing gown) all on affer at £3.69/m  The photo's don't do the colours any justice, but you get the idea.  I also got a small amount of white muslin to make some lavender bags and some pink netting to finish a petticoat that will go into the window display when I do them in a couple of weeks.

When I got back from shopping a package was waiting for me.  I put a bid in on e-bay for these books and won at £4.99!  All I can say is it's a good job I'm on holiday this week...

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