Sunday, 12 September 2010

Bra Making...

I've been busy over the last couple of days, grabbing an hour where I could, to perfect my bra pattern so it fits me properly.  In total I've made around 5 bras and have finally cracked it!!!  To state the bleedin' obvious - the fit is crucial, but the UNDERWIRES are the biggest key to getting the cups to fit nicely.  Anyhoo - here's a couple of photos.  You will notice that Vivienne (My tailors dummy) has a much smaller cup size than me so she's been padded out a bit!
Everything came from my stash.  The brown lace undercup is lined with flesh coloured 20 denier.  I get most of my notations from Fabulous Fabrics, Ashby de la Zouch.  The lace typically comes from the wholesaler who lets me have a rummage when I visit!
I will be making a slip from the animal print at a later date.

Parting Note
If you have been out walking recently you will have noticed all the brambles and elderberries this year. I went picking on Friday as the brambles are just about to go past their best and got a bag full!  Crumbles all round for the neighbours.  Also. we have loads of sloes to so I'll be making some sloe gin too .  Think I've turned into a domesticated diva - I made coconut cake yesterday too?!


Fleur said...

Hi there, I'm in the process of making my own bra's but getting stuck with part of the fitting. I have the cups fitting well, but can't seem to get the t-section to lie flat against my chest. I feel like I may go mad soon! Any ideas?

Pin Queen said...

Hi Fleur. If the section doesn't fit against your chest then the cups need to be extended at the center front. I had to add approx 1cm to the DD cup pattern I used. Also try differet sized underwires as they can make a huge difference to fit. Good luck.