Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Countdown to my Sewcation

Well, one more day at work and then I'm off for a glorious 11 days.  I can hardly wait!  I should be thinking about decorating really, but I'll be having a selfish seamstress few days.  Here's the plan:
I've already made the toile and am delighted that it fits so well however I think I may lengthen the bodice a little - even if it's just 1cm as the waist does sit quite high. I'm half way through the petticoat already so will post pictures when it's all finished.

Sadly age is catching up with Pin Queen and this week I've had to buy glasses, plus I'm thinking of wincyette pjs - now that's a sure sign of ageing!  Well, to be truthful Ian's going to be away a lot and as the nights are drawing in I though they may be a nice "comforter" (honest!).  I was thinking to use this New Look pattern for the top - the one in the middle with the contrasting bands.

I though I might make them in white (just a simple elasticated, drawstring, waisted trouser) with a pretty cotton print for the contrasts. Now, just need to source the wincyette?

I have some red needlecord which has patiently been waiting to be made up into a winter A-Line skirt so that's on the list as a "quick fix".  I don't know how all you other sewers feel about your projects, but I have to have a few items that I know fit and can be made quickly - ie "quick fixes".  Plus I do like to go out to the shop for missing things - ie a red concealed zip and lining.  Red's not a colour I use a lot! I'll use my trusty self-drafted skirt pattern for this one.

I also need to finish my Chanel Jacket.  It's a beautiful Linton Tweed loosely woven cotton in pale lemon.  It was supposed to be made up for Spring/Summer but never quite got finished - because I didn't purchase enough "Glamour" lining.  It was 115cm wide and not 150cm as the last lot purchased had been.  It's a pattern I've had for years and I love making Chanel jackets - quilting and all that hand sewing.  No wonder I'm having to wear specs these days!

Do you think I'll get all of this done in between dog walking, cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing etc, etc?!


Debi said...

Fantastic projects! Aren't sewcations great? I'm counting to one too...and I'm itching for it to be here already!!!

Eugenia said...

A sewcation sounds like a lot of fun. I love the look of all your planned projects. If time gets tight I think you should forget about the cleaning, washing and ironing and carry on sewing :)