Sunday, 5 September 2010

The "C" Word

As it's September I thought I would plan ahead for Ch*!$&%as. I know it's not a word to be mentioned until about 10th December in our house, but every year I get into a pickle about gifts I want to make, so I've made a plan. Of course I can't tell you what my plan is because then everyone will know what the man in the red suit will be popping down their chimney.

But I can share my plan for a wall decoration: Based on "The 12 Days of Ch*!$&%as" I've embroidered 12 panels in green and red, and one day gold (er - that would be the 5th day then...). My intention is to piece them together into a mini quilt and have a go at freehand embroidery. I've attached a picture of my plan, and one of the pieces in progress.

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