Thursday, 16 September 2010

Bra Making - again

I wanted to make this bra for a long time and started it last night and just finished it this morning.  I'm in danger of becoming obsessed with bra making so won't make another for a little while!  This one is a good quality black cotton with little wild strawberries and is so pretty.  It's taking me about 3 hours to make a bra at the moment which isn't too bad.  Here's a couple of photo's - note the school-girl error with the back band - yep, I forgot to take the closure size into consideration so had to add a "design feature" by way of a little pleat - I was thinking about the next project at the time!
Note the "design feature"!
I need a shopping trip into town to purchase some little bows or roses to finish the middle section and will probably add them to the top of the cup at the strap too.  Red ones might be nice?
Right, must go and do some tidying up!

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