Sunday, 8 May 2011

Vogue 7910

Also entitled - Oh Vogue 7910 let me count the ways I love thee....

Okay, I don't often gush about patterns, but this one is very, very good.  I made view C from an embroidered red linen from the stash.

View C is a-line, has pockets (I don't usually do pockets in skirts/trousers), a faced waistband, is unlined and has a lot of topstitching.  Following the sizing on the pattern envelope I cut a size 16.  I did read the pattern instructions but didn't need to follow them, with the exception of the pockets because I wasn't sure if they were attached to the seams, or left free (they are attached).

The only alteration I made was to pipe the top of the pockets and use an alternative fabric for the pocket insides and waist facing.  I also used bias binding to finish the facing and hem.  Stupidly I didn't tissue fit, or make a toile which didn't dawn on me until I had cut out all the pieces - so no 1" side seams for me on this one!  Fortunately I didn't need to worry, this pattern fit me right out of the packet with a minor tweek to the waist at the side seams, I had to take in about an inch on each side.

The other thing to mention about this pattern is the speed of which it comes together, honestly, even with all my additional understitching, zig zaging  and topstitching it took me around 5 hours from start to finish.  I'm also happy with my lapped zip.  I haven't done one for years and this one worked out beautifully, I used my own method for the insertion which I'll share with you another day.  I still have black thread in the overlocker so finished the seams with zig zag and pinking sheers.  Only problem was one spool of thread wasn't enough!

So what with Vogue 1170 and this one I've realised that a size 16 is a perfect fit for my bottom half - so long as it isn't a straight skirt pattern, I still have to tweek those around my thunder thighs....

Anyway, here it is.  On a hanger for now beacuse I'm in the middle of cooking Sunday lunch!

Working out the piping, and pocket lining

Looking good lapped zip! 
Although it does look a bit wonky on the hanger, it is all nice and straight once on

Pocket lining, piping and waist facing in rose print cotton
 I made it to go with this top, which is a short sleeve version of New Look 6892, and which I made last Thursday evening.

Another VERY dodgy self portrait!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday - we're just about to tuck into roast chicken....


Karin said...

I also have, er generous, thighs. So pattern recommendations in that area are always welcomed.

The piping is a small detail that really makes the skirt look good.

Alice said...

Adorable skirt! Well done!! ^_^

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MushyWear said...

Such a pretty fabric you have used and beautiful detailing. It will look so nice with the floral top.

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

I'm in love with it. I bet it is fantastic with the blouse!

sew vala said...

love the fabric