Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Another Skirt... Or is it?

Also entitled "An Interview with myself" or "An unsatisfactory day".

Me:  Hello, what have you been up to day?
PinQueen: Sewing
Me: Oh, that's nice, all day?
PinQueen: Yes
Me:  Can we have a look at what you've been doing?
PinQueen:  Ok
Me: (She's a bit grumpy...) Thank you very much

Me:  Oh, that's erm, interesting
PinQueen:  It's inside out
Me: Oh, yes, can we see it the right way around?
PinQueen: Ok.  I have to say I'm not on good form today.  I feel as though it's been a wasted day.

Ok, this doesn't look too bad.....

Me: Ah, erm I sort of see why.  What happened?
PinQueen:  Well I got off to a good start and then it went down hill.  I wanted to make a twisted, or bubble skirt, couldn't quite decide which and plowed on anyway.  The fabric I used is from my stash and is a soft silk crepe. I interlined the yoke with white lining fabric (why, oh why?  I should have used cotton lawn) and used the same for the skirt lining.  I didn't have enough left so lined the yoke with some green bremsilk (I thought it novel at the time).  Then it really went downhill - rapidly....
I cut the skirt length 10cms too short and as I'm a lady over a certain age, I need to cover my knees - so I added a strip to the bottom.  After stitching the lining and skirt pieces together I then twisted, pinned in place and tried on - Oh my goodness - what a sight!  I gave up on that idea quickly and went down the bubble route.
Because I knew I'd boobed big time on this skirt I didn't enjoy the sewing process at all and can't believe it has taken me all day.  You name it, I did it wrong on this one.  Also, I can't imagine ever wearing it.  What a waste of lovely silk, time and effort.....

Me:  Never mind, it could be worse.
PinQueen:  Suppose (sulk, grump, sulk)
Me:  Pass the gin.....

So, tomorrow's another day.  A day to plan my next project properly and to take a look at the brown linen skirt that I wish I had done today.

Hope your day has been better!

PS  On a happier note here's a very blurry photo of my new top and the Burda skirt I mentioned here


CGCouture said...

Oh bummer! It sucks when things don't work out as planned. :-( Do you think you could salvage some of the silk for another project if you decide the skirt is simply unwearable? Some sort of shirt with lots of pieces maybe? Or even a corset or woven fabric bra?

I like the pairing of the shirt from yesterday with that skirt. Very nice. :-)

MushyWear said...

Rats, sorry the skirt didn't work out, but I sure do love the blouse and skirt ensemble, blurry photo and all.

Karin said...

It's nice to know I am not the only one this happens to! On the other hand, your quick and easy blouse looks great on. That pattern is a definite keeper.

Rosy said...

Sometimes I forget for a while an article that did not go as I thought and after that time (which may be days or weeks, even months) that garment has a miraculous solution that did not came to my mind. On the other hand, the team of the skirt and the top is great.

Rosy said...

Oh, I follow you.