Friday, 27 May 2011

Roll up, roll up, I have a New Page!

Morning all!

I recently posted about commercial patterns and what's about on the high street and mentioned that I would take a look and see what catches my eye (and heart). Well, I've done it and set up a new page which I will update every the very least!.

Oh, and if anyone from Vivienne Westwood (or the great lady herself) and Vogue Patterns happen to read this humble post, please, please, please could we have a collaboration?  We NEED those beautifully cut jackets in our lives!

The great lady herself


Karin said...

Nice new page. I really liked the waist coat with skirt.

Irene said...

Love all your inspiration pieces.

sew vala said...

Loving the big bow trench and the V. Westwood.I had a silver Westwood millenium dress that I gave away in a moment of maddness. What a silly silly girl I was.

Audrey said...

Your new page is very pretty. I love your suggestion that Vogue offer some VW designs.