Monday, 16 May 2011

McCalls M2600

Also entitled:  "I don't do knit"

What can I say?  I did NOT enjoy the sewing process on this pattern.  Nothing wrong with the pattern at all, a lovely simple dress, no great shaping just a little gathering at the neckline and wonderfully quick and easy to make up.

I cut a 10 and garded to a 14 at the hip "just in case".  I could have left the side seams as a 12 as there is plenty of room in this tent dress.  IF I make it again I will add a couple of inches to the hem too.

I used a ballpoint needle and stretch stitch on my machine.  Yes, the overlocker still has black thread in it - how lazy am I?!  

Everything came from my stash, the fabric being a recent purchase from Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics.

Here it is during construction.  Neck and sleeve bands are not finished and I won't be wearing it with a black belt - I need to purchase a cream one:

Note to self:  MUST wear correct bra as it's a bit "hello boys" with the gathering at the neckline

enough room for two in that skirt!
 And here are the shoes I purchased to go with, including new nail varnish on my troll feet:

To be honest I don't think I will make this dress again.  The gathering around the neckline doesn't suit my bust at all and makes it look even bigger.  I'm having a love/hate relationship with this dress.  I didn't enjoy sewing the fabric and it's a bit short; however it is so light and comfortable... perhaps it will get shortened to a tunic or top at a later stage?

Oh, want to know Ian's reaction to the "in progress" dress?  "Very nice darling.  You need some false tan" No Ian, I need a holiday, ha, ha!!

Because I had purchased the shoes I wanted to be able to wear them with other things and had just purchased this fabric (honestly, before "shopping from the stash" was announced!)

another stetch - I need the practice!

Coral stretch Demin.  I may make another Susan Skirt

On another note.  I'm sorry if you have left a comment recently and now can't see it.  As most of you know Blogger was down for around 24 hours and since it's back  I have noticed comments have been removed (not by me, and not because of any dodgy content!).

Have a good week all!


Karin said...

I think the dress is pretty good! I don't think your bust looks too big in it. But I do understand needing to feel comfortable in what you wear. There are so many great patterns out there, why sew one twice, unless you really love it? I like your peachy/coral group of fabrics and the shoes are too die for!

Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

I REALLY like it on you!

Anonymous said...

I have two shirts that are a similar pattern from KwikSew, and I agree on the emphasis on the boobage with a standard bra. I solve this by wearing a sports bra underneath. That reduces the amount of "hello boys!" and also makes it even more comfortable to wear.

I must say that I really like this dress on you, so I'd definitely keep it as a casual summer dress. :-) Even though there is plenty of room in the skirt, I think it's clingy enough that it doesn't really look like there's a lot of excess--or at least it doesn't show up that way in the pictures. :-)

Michelle said...

Cute! I think your boobs look good in it as well. But, I must say, I am all about hoisting them up and out to get maximum distance from waist to bust! I think thats why I like bullet bras, they make my waist look tiny. That and I love cone boob look, hahaha.

Frankie said...

I made this too as a work dress and I found that even though I'm only 5'4" it was suuuper short. So I had to kind of kick things along the floor until I could get behind something before bending down to pick it up, lol. I think I might cut mine a little shorter and make it a tunic to wear with leggings. It also really needs the sash or belt because it is seriously like a tent.