Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I'm just about to cut the pattern pieces for a BurdaStyle skirt from September 2010 Style 106, view B.  It's not a difficult pattern.  I like the lines and have an idea for the top stitching.

As I want to make "outfits" this year (I make too many separates from fabrics I love and then nothing really goes together!) I will also make this McCalls blouse - I've had the pattern a couple of years and have run out of excuses not to make it.  I'll be making the blue version.  I particularly like the fact that this pattern has pieces for varying cup sizes.

And here are the fabrics I will be using.  It sticks in my throat to say it, but they came from Hansons - the shop with bad customer service.  The green is 100% wool soft tweed to be lined in pink and the batik print is 100% cotton, just going through the washing machine at the moment.

Photographing on Mum's pale green carpet!
As ever with Burda I'll have to make a toile, but with McCalls I will tissue fit.  If I have any concerns at that stage, that's when I may make a toile for a pattern I haven't used before.

Posts to follow!  Enjoy your day.

PS  Purple Coat is still in the box....  It hasn't moved since coming back from Mums.  I am suitably embarrassed.


Karin said...

I end up making a lot of "orphans" too. It's a good idea to sew outfits. Wonder if I could get that organised...

Irene said...

Love your fabrics for the skirt and blouse! May-be your purple coat needs a "rest period", to be taken up again next fall? I often do this when I have too many things on the go that I know I won't finish in the proper season. Who wants to be finishing winter sewing in April or May?

novemberjuliet said...

I love that fabric combination!

Lauren said...

That green tweed is lovely, and it'll look great lined in the pink.
I've nominated you for an award at my blog today!

Pin Queen said...

Thank you Lauren - does that mean I may have to think of something interesting about myself?!?