Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A decent Vogue Pattern sale/offer at last in the UK!

Oh dear, I can hear my brain screeming "spend, spend, spend"!

At last there is a decent sale over at Sew Today (aka Vogue Patterns in my world).  Buy one get two (yes two!!) free.  I have loads of Vogue patterns I would like at the moment and as they are all in the £15 range I am just about to make a purchase - just imagine, 6 patterns for the price of 2!  The offer is open for 3 days from today to members and I think it's for online sales only - but at least it is an offer from them...

Our American friends probably aren't very inerested in my overexcitement, I read a lot about $3.99 offers at regular intervals - how I envy you.

Quick update, rather than blog twice in one day.  Here is what I have purchased (so far!)

everyone and their mother will be wearing this one,
it's hugely popular in blogland

This has some good reviews re fit

Sometimes a girl just needs a challenge

erm, not sure why I ordered this one?!  But it's been hanging
around my list for a while...

Love the simplicity of this dress and have ideas for

the long sleeved version jumped out at me - I have a plan
 The offer relates to Vogue, Butterick and McCalls, but I just naturally navigate toward Vogue which is what all the above are.

Don't want to go to work, want to sew...


Karin said...

Oh dear, maybe I should join! I agree with you on the Pamela Roland dress. Who wouldn't want a dress like that?

Irene said...

Love all your choices. We seem to have very similar tastes. Americans do seem to get the best prices on things. The cheapest Vogue patterns go for around here (in Canada)is $6.49 or $6.99, which still makes me stop and think whether I really need the pattern or not.