Friday, 4 February 2011

Burda 103 2/11 Done The "Susan Skirt"

Just finished the above, which I am going to call the "Susan Skirt".  I made it from a dark coloured denim with a crosswise stretch (you defininately need it for this pattern!), didn't line it, overlocked all seams and top stitched with bright pink topstitch thread as I will be making a t-shirt in the same colour.

Here's a few pictures.  as ever I have to wait for Ian to take a photo of me actually wearing it, perhaps this evening as I intend to wear it when we go out for Tapas.

I cut a size 40 but as it looked so small I allowed 1" side seams.  As it happened I did need a little extra, but not quite the full amount.  It's a tad long for my liking but looks good with high heeled boots.

Top Stitching the back darts

Back finished and top stitched - the stitching does all match, honestly!  It's not
easy to photograph that godet - it's bigger than you think....

Front waistband and darts all top stitched
I wouldn't change anything about the Susan Skirt - it's a keeper.  Someone questioned whether you' would be able to run for a bus in it - I'm not convinced you'd be able to do it in a lady-like fashion wearing this one!

If you are unsure about making it I say go for it!  I'm a pear-shape so I didn't hold high hopes for the style on me, but it is increadibly flattering.

In total this skirt cost me £7.50.  The fabric and pink thread had to be purchased, everything else came from the stash.

PS  Purple coat isn't forgotten, I just can't get myself motivated with it.....


Irene said...

Even from what's to be seen here, this definitely looks like a "WOW" skirt. I love it when a skirt has "back interest".

Audrey said...

This skirt pattern was one of my favorites from the Feb. issue of Burda Style. I wouldn't have thought to make it of denim, but it looks great and the top stitching really stands out on the demim! So cute!

Kelly said...

I can't wait to see it on! It looks beautiful - I love the pink stitching.