Thursday, 3 February 2011

A Huge Thank You and Fishes

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Susan who very kindly bought and posted the February edition of Burda to me on Monday.  What a lovely, kind lady you are.
So that means I am back on track with my plans for this edition - more to follow.

Completely unrelated to sewing I went to a new Spa this morning, based in Swindon, called Sole Spa.  It was lovely and quiet as it only opened on Monday but I am sure it will be very popular and I will be buying vouchers for my friends so they can try it out.

Not as scary as it looks!  It feels like lots and lots of tiny bubbles
The water is filtered and changes every hour, so it's clean for each customer.
I have my feet in two tanks, but normally there would be one person in each.
Yes, I did make my skirt!
 I feel completely chilled this afternoon, have lovely soft feet and have booked another appointment.  Apparently I will sleep well this evening!

I traced off  a skirt from February's Burda and will make a start on that, once I've had a little nap...

Enjoy the rest of your day


Karin said...

I am glad to hear that Susan was able to snag you a Burda Feb issue. All is well that ends well! I even referenced your story today in my blog- hope you don't mind. A fish foot spa just opened near me. I was intrigued, now I am really keen to try it.

Steph said...

Great that you got the magazine... Those fish treatments are so weird, when I was a kid growing up in the country I'd let my feet dangle off the end of the dock into the water when I went fishing. Same exact thing.

shams said...

Oooh, cooool! I'd love to try this. :)