Friday, 11 February 2011

Dreadful photo's and Good News

Good News:  Sew Today have extended their offer until Sunday  - yay!

Dreadful Photos:  2 of me in recent skirts.  First the grey pinstripe discussed here and second the black work skirt discussed here - not so yay.... 

Constipated Duck impression - trying not to get frustrated with
Mum as she tries to push the button of a modern-fangled digital
camerathingermejig- Mum just push a button like the camera you have, except
there's no film it and no, I don't have to send the whole camera away to get
the pictures out - I love my Mum

""If I have to take a photo, it'll have to be now"
Thank you darling, you caught me at my best - did I mention I
need to get my hair done?
Having seen these two pictures I realise how much weight I have put on since moving to Wiltshire.  "Contentment" is what my lovely friends call it - I don't mix my words and call it fat.

Must dash, have patterns to buy and gym membership to sign!  Pass the crisps love....

Have a lovely weekend all - happy sewing!


Irene said...

Nice skirts! I do love the flirty back on the denim one.

AllisonC said...

I like both skirts and the pictures are better than my self done shots. My stepmother has to use a camera with a viewfinder which are pretty hard to find these days. I don't know what is so hard at looking at a screen, but there you go!