Monday, 11 April 2011

Vogue 1170 - A Keeper!

Well, I just don't know what made me buy this pattern because when I pulled it out of the pattern stash yesterday I thought "Oh dear, another one that will never get used".  That skirt is WAY too short and the blouse is a bit "odd" to my eye, and being blessed in the chest dept means all that fabric in the knot/twist area will draw even more attention to that area!

But, I did like the shape of the skirt which I had a feeling would be geat for my pear-shape.  SO  I set about with extra tissue paper and lengthened it by 17cms (very precice!) and re-drafted the hem facing.  Having checked the finished measurements I decided to cut a 16 and work on a toile.  I had some purple poly crepe which I knew would drape beautifully, but was never very sure what inspired me to purchase purple in the first place....

Want to see the results?  Here they are, but be warned, the skirt is on Vivienne who's a size 10 so it's pinned at the waist and hangs a little oddly, it doesn't look like that on me.  Oh, and in my excititement to share a skirt pattern that fits, I haven't hemmed it or finished the waistband yet ( I usually do for a toile, honestly!)....

Vogue 1170   Tracey Reese
Or "That skirt is so short, one gust of wind and you'll see her knickers"

Front skirt with square set yoke front seams

Side view - look at that lovely drape

Back view - the yoke falls just in the right place on my body
and is extremely flattering for a pear-shape

I always use 1" seam allowance at the back so I have a little more fabric
to work with when inserting the zip.  I won't add the extra next time because, as
you can see, I ended up taking in approx 2" on the back seam

Conclusion?   This pattern is a keeper!  I am head over heels with it, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter I will definitley be making this one again, probably alot...  Crepe backed satins, wool crepe, linen, lawn, denim....
Now, I need to fit it into my Spring / Summer wardrobe planned colours (yes, I have a plan!)

Future alterations - trim pattern piece to 15cms as 17cms is just a tad too long and re-draft the hem facing (again)  Don't worry about the additional 1" seam allowance for the zip, and a small sway back tuck.

Did I mention I love this pattern?!  What a great way to start the week, hope you have a good start to yours.


Irene said...

This skirt looks wonderful!
Some of the stuff they're coming up with now is a tad too short, but with some added length - it works.

Carolyn said...

This is a lovely pattern, and your skirt is stunning! Thankyou for showing it off! I make a lot of Vogue stuff too, but I'm learning to add at least 10cm without question.... ;)