Monday, 4 April 2011

Vogue 1099 - Casual Chic

A casually chic jacket to go with jeans, or shift dress.

I've had this pattern for just over a year, and bought the fabric last summer (Cloth of Gold, Wootton Bassett).  I used 100% cream linen and a poly cream lining along with a poly organza.  I wanted to use a silk organza really but it's not that easy to find locally and I didn't want to buy on line as the pattern only calls for a small measurement.

I haven't tackled the trousers as yet.  I think they may suit me but not with this jacket because I'll look square and "dumpy".  They would look better with the white linen jacket as that has a slimmer shape.

Anyhoo, here's the results:

I shortened the body of the pattern by about 1" because the hem fell at my widest point, I couldn't really shorten it any further.

I really, really like the bias collar with the organza ruffle.  Sadly with the amount of pressing that has to be done I did catch the ruffle with the iron so it is a little flatter than I would prefer.

The sleeves are lovely.  There are 5 rows of gathers, a top sleeve that hangs over and they are quite full.  I also particularly like the way the sleeves are set in, but it was important to transfer all the pattern markings otherwise they could be a pain.

Surprisingly I cut a 10!  Having read the finished measurements I was sure the 12 would have been too big.  I didn't make a toile, but I did tissue fit - carefully!  I'm not sure I would make it again, just because it is so distinctive.

So, what's next on the list?  The fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics hasn't arrived as yet, so it won't be the green print skirt.  I may make the brown linen I bought at the show into a shift dress, or a pencil skirt and fitted top (a bit boring, but no doubt I can jazz it up with some trim!) If I make up the brown linen this jacket will go with it nicely, so that will be one more outfit for my depleted wardrobe.....


Irene said...

What a treasure for your wardrobe! You're right, this is a very distinctive jacket, but it will certainly add that special touch to whatever you pair it with.

AllisonC said...

Such great details in this jacket, it really looks wonderful.

Debi said...

Lovely jacket! I really adore the sleeves and collar!

Karin said...

Another chic white jacket for spring/summer! You really are on a roll.

MushyWear said...

What a beautiful distinctive jacket indeed. I love it.