Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New Look 6023 + bad photography

I'm struggling to get going this morning so picked up a project I started late last month and vowed to finish it by end of day tomorrow.  It's New Look 6023 which is a new pattern (I think).  I like its clean lines and simplicity.

I decided to tissue fit first and cut a size 12 top and 16 (sigh) bottom, grading the waist section somewhere in between.  It worked out just fine but I would tweek the fit slightly for the next one (I will definately make this again).  I will lower the bust point by about 2cms and will make a narrow back alteration as I had to take in about 5cms each side at the nape of the neck.  This is how it looks so far:

My tummy looks very round in this photo, but not as much in true life -
oh well, nothing a pair of magic knickers or 7ibs weight loss won't cure.....

Look how much I had to take in at the neck!

The length is good on me and as this is a white matt duchess satin I interlined it with 200 thread count cotton for extra modesty.  I'm not sure if it's come out too well on the photos but the neck and waist sections are overlayed with a beautiful silver "cobweb" tulle that shimmers very slightly. 

When cutting out the pattern I did cut the short sleeves also to be in the tulle, but I think I'm going to leave it sleeveless.

Now, anyone got a summer party/wedding they can invite me to?  I think this one may be a little posh for the weekly shop at Asda.....

Enjoy the rest of your day (I MUST crack on with the new project tomorrow - more later)


Karin said...

You can't go to a wedding in that- you'll upstage the bride! It's gorgeous. It really makes your waist look teeny-tiny too.

vicen said...

Hi, I have dedicated a post to your site in my vintage collection:
Hope you like.

Anonymous said...

wow! beautiful fabric combo.
I wasn't sure if the high neckline would look good, but it does.
I have to buy this pattern now.

Thanks for posting your photos.