Thursday, 17 March 2011

Wardrobe worries & get on with some sewing!

How come I do so much sewing but have nothing to wear?!  Because I don't Sew With A Plan.

This morning I got up early and decided to sort through my wardrobe, weed out the things I just don't wear, clothes that are old, or unloved and see what I'm left with.  This is the ENTIRE contents of my wardrobe now left:

1 red trench coat - bought
1 camel winter coat - bought
1 black walking coat - bought
1 Navy Acquascutum raincoat
1 brown/cream print dress - made
1 brown cardigan - bought
1 white satin dress - made
1 blue roses dress - made
1 denim skirt - made
2 pairs of smart jeans - bought
1 blue shirt - bought
1 blue/white linen shirt - bought
1 green tweed skirt - made
3 long sleeved t-shirts, white, blue, grey - bought
1 black linen tailored pencil skirt - made
1 black jacket - bought
1 white sequined t-shirt - bought
3 vests tops, brown, navy and white - bought
2 pairs of joggers brown and black - bought
2 sweatshirts to match - bought
1 navy/white knit dress - made

When you open the door, there is definitely a theme - blue/white/black hits you in the eyes!

What the h*ll have I been doing?!?!  I think I am SO fussy with the things I make, if they don't fit 100% as they should (and they don't because I've put on weight) then I just won't wear them....

Before I moved I had a really good job where I had to be super smart on a daily basis and sewed skirts, jackets, dresses and tops. Now I work part-time (and have a supplied uniform) I just don't get what to wear anymore.  It's either the joggers and sweatshirt OR a smart shift dress and heels.  I just can't get in between dressing right at all.

SO - the wardrobe is bare and I need to pull my finger out asap or I will be wearing pjs all Spring.  I MUST make the following as a matter of urgency:

1 Smart white fitted t-shirt
1 Casual Jacket
1 White fitted long sleeved shirt
1 casual jersey dress
1 casual spring skirt

I have so many patterns I will not allow myself to purchase any more!  I have seen some lovely fabric over at Gorgeous Fabrics for the jersey dress (sewing with knit is new to me so I don't have anything in the stash)and will be visiting Sewing for Pleasure at the NEC next week and know Linton Tweed will be there, along with another company (Sorry I cannot for the life of me remember its name) who sell excellent quality shirtings and suitings at show prices. BUT what about that TONNE of fabric in the stash?!  Why is it still there and why isn't it being used?  Should I have a clear out of that as well and sell/give away anything that has been lingering for a while - actually, some of it years?!

I'm definitely having one of those weeks where I hate everything but I know I need some help on the wardrobe front.  Maybe I should buy one of those "what to wear after 40" books and think about having my colours done?

Have any of you been through this wardrobe worry?  I have never been one for a huge wardrobe but I have most definitely reached that point where I am struggling to know what to wear and genuinely panic whenever we go out.  I wish I were as co-ordinated as AllisonC or Amanda's Adventures in Sewing - they have wonderful colour combinations (and figures!) that work every time, and don't even get me started on the wonderful use of colour and shape that Erica B uses.....

Okay, so I'm going to have a cup of tea, step away from the wardrobe and laptop and concentrate on customers sewing.  But will place my order with Gorgeous fabrics first

Have a good Thursday - It's St Patricks day in Eire today so Ian will be having a couple of pints of Guinness this evening and we will be watching the Eire vs England Rugby match on Saturday.  In typical Irish fashion I'll sign off with GOOD LUCK, GOOD LUCK..


Karin said...

Can't wait to hear what you think of/find at the NEC next week. I think your figure is pretty good too. Sounds like you just aren't inspired at the moment. It feels like a lot of sillhouettes haven't change in a long time. Maybe you are just bored.

Irene said...

I understand you 100%. I go through the "I hate everything in the closet" routine on a regular basis. The clear-out is good. Identifying the important new items to sew is also good. Wardrobes get built up over time. Just make sure that what you add makes sense with everything else, and that it fits your lifestyle. My favourite book on the subject is "Nothing to wear?" by Jesse Garza and Joe Lupa. And before you spend a fortune on books - see if your library has them.

Rachel said...

I seriously need to go through my closet. Everytime I think about it, though, I feel like I could spend that time sewing. I also need to stop buying fabric, but there are just too many pretty pieces I want.

AllisonC said...

It's hilarious that you mentioned me in this post because I was nodding along agreeing with everything you wrote (till I got to that part!). In our fairly short winters I live in jeans and t shirts and my closet, is very very boring, I can't wait for warmer weather, colour, prints and dresses!

CGCouture said...

I'm a little late on this (I just discovered your blog), but I can totally relate to your wardrobe delimma. Everything you said from not having any clues about what to wear on the in-between days, not wearing things that aren't 100% perfect, was like you were reading my mind. Just know that you are not alone. :-)