Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Christmas sewing - all for me!!!

I need want a new party dress for Christmas.  I've been a very good girl this year and deserve it - honestly I have.....

I'm thinking of keeping it simple.  The last few years I have dressed up and felt overdressed, and out of place.  So this year, "simple" is my way forward.

So, this is what I will be making:  McCalls M6460.  Simple and elegant!

I will make view D.  I like the fact it will cover my knees, and cover the top of my arms.  I'm thinking black, I'm thinking satin, I'm thinking lace - I'm thinking it will be what ever bloomin' colour I find for the lace will be a starting point.  It's just so difficult to get nice fabrics locally.

I particularly like the fact that this pattern comes in  a multi-cup size too.  I have just made two shirts (yes, two!) which I will blog about later.  It was a McCalls pattern I used and I went for a D cup and then I tried a C cup.  Both fit well, one just a tad closer than the other.

Anyone else tried this pattern yet?  What are your party wear plans?


Karin said...

No party ware plans yet. Ths a beautiful pattern. I haven't seen it made up yet. I think Solstiss lace has sells online now. You don't need much lace for this pattern, and the French lace would be pretty chic.

Irene said...

This looks like a wonderful choice. I'm sure that it will look gorgeous.

sew vala said...

This is very elegant and simple. Sure you will look stunning.