Friday, 4 November 2011

Doomed not to sew...

Where do I begin - at the beginning I suppose?!

Okay, McCalls pattern arrived in a timely fashion, pattern pieces are cut, pressed and ready to go.  Fabric ordered last Friday on next day delivery (so should have arrived Monday).  It finally arrived yesterday.  As we all do when we know there's a fabric delivery screaming to be opened, I got excited - and then it happened.  Where are the 3 zips?  I'll drop them and email, no biggie it will sort itself out.  Then I opened up the fabrics.

1m blue daisy cotton (for aprons) - tick
1m black "leather look" (for Stella McCartney inspired dress) - tick
2.5m pale blue suede (for Vogue wrap dress) - tick
1.5m of lining for above - tick
2.5m red ponte knit - erm no.  1.5m with a great big (and I mean HUGE) fault through it - tick
2m grey ponte knit - erm no again!  1.2m with an other great big fault through it - with big loops of cream stuff stcuk to it to point out the fault - tick

To say I saw red was an understatement.  I was so looking forward to this weekend.  We have "nothing" planned so I wanted to lock myself away to sew the red ponte McCalls dress - an now this.

To add insult to injury they want me to email pictures, which I will have to do this evening (on the crappy i-pad camera), so that will delay any replacement until the middle of next week - and then our weekends are booked with pre-christmas visits etc.  Excuse me a moment.....AArrgghhh

The company I used are Fabricland.  I know they're a bit "cheap and cheerful" but I've used them for years and never had any issue in the past - not even a forgotten thread, or small button.  What's got into them I wonder?

I suppose I should crackon with some Xmas gifts, at least the fabric came for the aprons - but you know how it is when you have something in your mind, you just want to get on with it.

Oh, and incase you were wondering, the zips were posted to me this morning - great, 3 zips, no fabric.....

Onward and upward ladies......


Irene said...

I do feel for you! When you have the urge to get sewing on something specific, it is soooo aggravating when the plans don't pan out.

sew vala said...

Ah hun, that is realy bad. I must make a note to check fabric amount when I get a delivery, I usually just store it until I need it. I hope they were apologetic to you. I went to hobbycraft and they have got rid of all there dressmaking fabric. Which means theres' not much choice left in this area anymore. So all we are left with is the internet shops.