Tuesday, 7 June 2011

New Look 6922 - I must be MAD!

Also entitled - "are you mad?  Trousers AND knit in one go?!?!"

I REALLY won't be beaten.  Do I win a medal for persistence?  Okay, so I'm almost there with knit, thanks to Betty, so I though I should tackle trousers next.

I have made plenty of trousers in my time but as my body shape has changed, they give me the jitters.  I have mentioned by huge generous thighs in the past and that's where I struggle, that and a big bottom., a sway back and a round tummy.

So I found the most simple pattern I could and made sure they were styled with wide legs (no skinnies for this girl!).  New Look 6922 looked just the job and anyway, I like the cardigan too.

I won't reveal what size I cut, lets just say I had to sit down once I referred to the pattern sizing chart!   I tissue fit it and noted where there were problems.  I used "Fast Fit" again and made the following adjustments:

added 2cm to back inner leg (to enlarge the bottom area)
added 2cm to the enlarge the bottom (did I mention I have a big bottom?)
reduced the tummy by 2cm - ha, ha, a tummy tuck!!
I forgot to do a sway back in my haste
I didn't need to adjust the length as I knew I would be wearing these with my summer wedges which are around 3" high.

I wasn't quite sure where they would end up sitting around the hip/waist area because there is no waist noted on the paper pattern so I decided to cut out a waistband.  I quite like the idea of an elasticated waistband rather than a turned over top with elastic threaded through - not sure why, just one of those personal things.
When I was making them up I ended up taking in around 1" from the waist grading down to the hip.

I used the same grey double knit as Simplicity 2424.  They took me about an hour and a half from start to finish and do you know what?  do you?  THEY FIT!! 

Here are a couple of rubbish photos to prove it!

I know they are high waisted, but that's where I wanted them to be.  I want to be able to bend over and not show anything I shouldn't!  Not too shabby are they?

I have worn them for a couple of afternoons at home and have noticed that the front crotch is a little too low.  Does that mean I have to shorten the front crotch length again - a bigger tummy tuck for the next pair?  I also  need to tighten the elastic by around an inch, but that's not a big job.

I now have a lovely outfit with Simplicity 2424 and Butterick 5147 - It'll come up in MMJ!

No time for sewing this week before we set sail for the emerald isle - too much to organise and extra shifts at work.  So if I don't post before we go, I'll catch up with you all when I get back.

Have a good week.


Irene said...

Great trousers! In the photos you look quite slim and trim, so I don't know what you're worried about. Have a wonderful trip!

Karin said...

They look good! Have you had a look at the Style Arc trousers everyone seems to be sewing up lately? I am getting tempted...

Pin Queen said...

Thanks Irene, but I really think it's the cut of the trousers and the fact they come up to my waist - it makes my legs look longer that's for sure!

Eugenia said...

You can't beat a pair of classic trousers like these - comfortable but elegant! Yours look wonderful - the fit looks excellent.

Anonymous said...

These look fabulous and very flattering! Congratulations! :-) Pants are so hard to fit, but it looks like you nailed it. :-)