Saturday, 4 June 2011

Holiday count down and sewing preparation

We're off to Ireland next week.  We will be visiting Ian's family who farm near Cork - well, approx an hours drive from Cork.  We are going on the ferry and taking the old car (trust me it is VERY old!) which means we can pack it to the rafters with "stuff" we may need, including Jack and all his paraphernalia!

It's time to lift the hay so Ian will spend the week farming and helping his Uncle David.  No doubt my holiday will consist of cooking and feeding the men.....  I'll be taking Betty with me!  I'm hoping to get some sightseeing done as I haven't spent much time in this area of Ireland, and perhaps some horse riding, but I haven't been for years so not 100% convinced I should go out on my own...

Anyhoo, Betty will be coming with me, along with some calico, a large spool of black thread and the following patterns.  Now I really am not expecting/hoping to get much sewing done, but could do to get the jacket made up as I have a Speed Tailoring class when I get back and hope to take the opportunity to have my toile "tweeked" by a professional.

Here's what I'm taking with me:

McCalls classic Jeans
Ha, I live in hope!!

New Look 6617 I will make View B or C

Butterick 5147
This is the jacket I need for class
Simplicity 3690 
A simple pair of trousers before I try the Jeans!

As I said, I have no idea how busy or quiet this holiday will be so I'm not hanging my hopes on achieving a lot.  Even if Ian's up to his eyes I can walk the fields with Jack and catch the bus into Cork, soaking up all that beautiful countryside. 

I will be keeping MMJ up as best I can whilst away too.


CGCouture said...

If Ian's family farm is anything like mine, you won't have much time for anything but sweating, hard work, cooking, staying up half the night, and sweating. At least you'll have a beautiful countryside to enjoy though. :-) Of course, maybe Ireland isn't quite as hot this time of year as Kansas is....

Seriously though, have a wonderful trip! I'm so jealous--someday I hope to see Ireland, and Cork is the first place I want to see. :-) Besides, there's nothing like a cold beer (or a room temp one) after a hard day's work. :-)

Eugenia said...

Your holiday sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun in beautiful countryside! Hope you manage at least a little sewing. (I have recently made that jeans pattern and was pretty pleased with the result)