Sunday, 5 June 2011

Burda 05/11 101A

I fell in love with the May edition of Burda and read it cover to cover on the train to London when Esther and I went to see the Wizard of Oz at the end of May.

I knew our plans included Liberty of London so a great edition of Burda and Liberty = fabric buying.  I know, I know, I'm working through the stash, but you can't pass up an opportunity like that!

We hit the scarf dept first and then topped for afternoon tea.  It was delicious and included teeny tiny macaroons - here is Esther tucking in and you can see just one chocolate macaroon left (I was very gracious and let her have it!) SO elegant!

Once we were completely refreshed (and a tad full) we visited the fabric department.  My sister is such a star, she can't thread a needle but ooo'd and aahh'd in all the right places.  In fact she got quite enthusiastic about some of the (ahem, childrens') sewing kits so I bought her one which will be saved for Christmas.  Anyhoo, this is what I purchased.  Tana Lawn 137cm wide so I bought 1.6 meters.  It's nearly £20 per meter so I wanted to get exactly what I needed!

So here is the line drawing of 101A.  It's a tunic top, with a BIG neck opening, one button closure and grandad collar.

 My neck opening ended up being quite wide, so I used two loop/button closures.  I know it's to be worn with a vest/Cami so am not worried that it is very long/low.

I cut a 40 and decided to shorten the length by approx 1" and of course I shortened the sleeves by 1" too.  I cut out VERY carefully placing the pattern pieces so that I had some symmetry with the fabric pattern and made sure the two sleeves had identical pattern layout.  The fabric was an absolute dream to work with.  It presses beautifully and my overlocker liked it too.  I mitered the ends of the sleeves for neatness.  Although I did overlock and turn up a single hem, you could quite easily utilise a rolled hem with this soft fabric.

I boobed with the collar in that I sewed the bottom edge, thinking it was the top, and pressed and trimmed before I realised what I had done.  To be honest I just couldn't be bothered to cut another one so I trimmed 1cm off the neck edge and finished it with a strip of fabric cut on the bias.  I may change my mind about that once I've worn it!

It will be lovely and cool, easy to wear and look fab with jeans or white linen trousers.  As ever, here it is on Vivienne for now.  Watch out for it in MMJ!

Why does this look so tiny?!  It does fit, but it looks as though it's a size 8?!

Enjoy the rest of your Weekend.


Debi said...

ooohhh! Love that fabric!!! So nice! And the pattern is a great one...can't wait to see this in MMJ!

CGCouture said...

This turned out so beautiful!

Eugenia said...

oh, wow, this is gorgeous. I love the fabric and you have cut it and sewn it perfectly. Great job!

Karin said...

Very pretty! With a definite 70s vibe that is supposed to be so "on trend" at the moment. It does look tiny, maybe it will look tiny on you too!

Audrey said...

The tunic top looks so pretty made in the wonderful Liberty fabric. It will look fantastic worn with white jeans.

sew vala said...

Wow, loving the fabric and the finshed top. This is so beautifully cool.