Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year. Here's to 2012!

Okay, this post is my third attempt on this retched iPad... Not a good start this morning.

Any way, Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year? We spent it with family, although both Ian and I really weren't very well. Everyone has a cold or nasty cough at the moment, mind you it's so mild (12 degrees yesterday!) there's no wonder.

I have really enjoyed reading everyone's end of year rounds ups and reviews, and it's spurred me on to make a plan fo 2012. A realistic, manageable plan. Non of this shirt or jacket a month, or 10 items to mix and match. Just my own, nice simple plan. After all I sew to relax and want to be able to enjoy the process.

Step one of the 2012 plan is sew from the stash whenever possible. I have an shameful amount of fabric that needs to be used, donated to charity or just given away, so I will be working through 2 boxes per month - look out for some giveaways!

So here is January's plan:
1. Finish current shirt working toile
2. Make black work skirt
3. Make black work shirt
4. A simple knit top - this depends if there is a place left a Gill Arnold's class running on the 14th
5. Jeans. A real challenge so I'm signed up for the Pattern Review class stating 19th and one which will carry over to February.

Sounds a lot I know, but my TNT skirt pattern really doesn't take me long and my shirt making skills have improved now I have cracked the bust fitting issues (simple, buy the patterns for C and D cup sizes - doh!!)

I also intend to stop using the ipad to blog as i just can't add any pictures and a sewing blog with no pictures would be very dull indeed!

What are your sewing plans for this year?


Irene said...

Hope you have a wonderful new sewing year! Your plans sound excellent.
I haven't pinned down plans, except for the samples that I need to make for sewing classes. Those need to be done by the end of January, and I'm in the mood for doing something totally impractical. There will be a bit of self disciplining happening around here.

sew vala said...

i signed up to a pattern drafting course at the local college. And on the eveing it was due to start received a call informing me it was cancelled. not a good start but sure the year will get better.