Saturday, 21 August 2010

Circles = Maths.....

I made a full circle skirt earlier this year (ahead of trend - take a look at the Louis Vuitton ads in Vogue this month!!!) and promply forgot how to work out radius, diameter and circumference. Had to Google and ask Ian. Anyhoo, if your maths is as weak as mine here's a simple way to work it all out:

Pi = 3.14
Radius = 2 x 3.14
Diameter = 1 x 3.14

If you know the circumference of the circle (ie a skirt hem, sleeve opening, waist measurement) but need to work out the radius use the following - Circumference divided by 6.28 = Radius

I'm liking Pi.... That's Pi, not Pie xx

PS Pec, I need to measure the length before I can make your skirt I promised in July xx

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