Thursday, 7 June 2012

What to do when away from home

No sewing over the Jubilee weekend - Ian decided it would be a good opportunity to lay a wooden floor downstairs so being the good girlfriend that I am, I left him to it and escaped to Mums! I couldn't bring my machine, overlocker, cutting mat, fabric, patterns etc with me so I quickly grabbed some fabric, pins, scissors and a couple of patterns.

Here is what I cut out and Both for work wear

Poor Mum, I really made myself at home didn't I?
 Mum lives in Dorset and it was their annual Arts Festival this weekend, along with the Jubilee.  We had a lovely time. 

We had tea on a bus

 And watched the swans and their signets go up the stream passed the house (later 2 signets were on their Mummy's back, but I couldn't get that picture quick enough)

And when I got home, this is the progress that had been made over the weekend on the floor (he had painted the skirting boards....)

I'm thinking darling.....
 Blue linen jacket is done, pictures to follow shortly!

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